Friday, March 22, 2013

What's happening in the garden?

It's March, I know. A little early for tomatoes, even in California. But it's spring now! And the weather is so fair. Today I did some work in the garden.

Considering the good news for Monsanto this week, I'm thinking that the more food we can eat from our back yard, the better. I'd like to get four more wine barrels so that I can plant beans and peppers.

Here we have the first tomato vines. Cherokee purple, Tye Dye, and San Marzano. These three are planted with some aspirin tabs, a crushed egg shell, a handful of tomato fertilizer, and some root fungi stuff.

Next is Brandywine Yellow, San Francisco Fog, and Early Girl. I planted the San Francisco Fog on top of a fish head left over from dinner. It must be a carniverous plant because it's already growing like crazy.

The pepper on the left is a Cute Stuff Red, and on the right is a Fresno Chile. The flowers are ranunculus and anemone.

I didn't see any hummingbirds, but someone's been drinking the hummie juice. Do you have any good recipes for oranges? These aren't very good for eating fresh. Can I make orange curd? Orange cake? Orange custard? Marmalade?

Its going to be a good year for strawberries. Their white flowers are so pretty. And underneath this pot I found several newts or salamanders, I'm not sure which. They blinked sleepily in the sunlight and pretended to be sticks, but I knew better. Now I wish I had taken a picture, but honestly, they looked more slimy and icky then cute. I thought they were earthworms at first.
The first rose is open.

After that we were tired, and the baby was so hungry, he ate sweet potato, cheerios, milk, broccoli, and a whole clementine. Silly baby.

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