Wednesday, June 5, 2013

What's happening in the garden in June?

 The first tomatoes are ripening. 

 The coreopsis is blooming.

 The tomatoes have already overgrown their cages.

 We're eating little eight-ball zucchini squash. So far we're keeping up.

 The brandywine yellow is finally setting fruit. We've had quite a bit of blossom drop on this plant and the cherokee purple. I suspect I over fed them last month.
 We're enjoying the tat soi and Chinese mustard greens I tucked in beneath the tomato plants. I like these greens because they're good fresh or cooked. We like the mustard sliced thin and tossed in salads.
 This fresno chile is a good producer. These chiles are mildly hot and I've used them fresh in salads and salsas, and cooked in pasta sauces and taco filling.
 The eggplant is growing and flowering. The slugs don't seem to bother it.

 The copper tape on the pot of this basil plant is keeping the snails and slugs away.

 Cucumber blossoms. This is a climbing cuke and it's climbing up the brandywine yellow.

 Here are the pole beans climbing their trellis.

 The Mexican bean beetles have been eating them, but the problem seems better since I dusted the leaves with wood ashes from the fireplace.
 Tomatillo flowers.

 The habanero is large, bushy, and full of buds and small flowers. I haven't seen any fruit yet, though.

 This is my favorite flower, but I can never remember the name of it. I call it the fire pea. The bees love it.

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