Saturday, November 3, 2012


It's November. Which means a lot of really cool things. A lot of my favorite things. Thanksgiving, of course. My birthday, and it's a big one this year. Nanowrimo, which I've never actually done, but every year I think how cool it would be, and every year I think, maybe next year. But this year I found out about National Blog Posting Month (how did I not know about this before?) so I might as well do it! I've had a lot on my mind, and a lot of ideas for blog posts, and a lot of half written posts.

I'm doing a good job giving myself the little push I need to do stuff around here. I got a hair cut, and I've gotten through a lot of filing and clutter that's been building up for years. I feel lighter! I feel happier and more competent. And I feel like I have time to do other things, like live with more intention and awareness. So I'm learning how to clean the house with vinegar, use coconut oil in everything, make rosemary-infused oil with herbs from the garden, keep up with the housework for once, cook creatively and use up everything, and generally live more creatively and sanely, with less waste, more good homecooked food, fewer chemicals, and, hopefully, more frugally.

When tomatoes are on sale at the end of the season, I halve, drizzle with olive oil, sprinkle with herbs and slow roast for 3 hours at 200F. They keep in the fridge in a jar covered in olive oil for weeks and are delicious with eggs, smashed on toast, tossed with pasta, and straight out of the jar! Last week I tossed them with penne, sweet potato, kale, chicken sausage, and lots of fresh parmesan, and it was a total hit at my house. 

We got so bogged down over the summer, dealing with our babe in the hospital so much. I guess it was back in May that our doctor looked at us and said, "You better get in survival mode," and advised us to check into the PICU that day. We've been in survival mode ever since. We are working through our grief, and it's hard and painful and sneaks up on us like a puma sometimes. But there's room for it now. The door is open, it can come and go, this giant cat that lives with us now.

Thanksgiving is coming and we are hosting. There is so much to be thankful for! I am really looking forward to this feast. I am going to savor every moment of the menu-planning, wine-pairing, shopping, prepping, table-setting, all of it. This is the first time since I had my son that I've been looking forward to something so much. This is so sweet.

Time to figure out dinner. There are brussels sprouts, potatoes, and bacon to use up, and carrots from the garden to smash for the baby. This is how it should be.
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